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We offer pre- through post-production assistance.

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Wedding Videography.  We capture weddings unobtrusively to preserve their authenticity.  All of our services are customizable.


Event Videography.  Capture your dynamic performance for your personal enjoyment or extended online or television viewership.  We can assist with various phases of production.


Enterprise Videography.  Customize video for your organization's learning management system, individual or group documentary, social media or other broadcast requirements.


Documentary Videography.  Preserve aspects of reality for future instruction, education, or historical record.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  Are you insured?

A.  Yes, Junctions can provide you or your hosting location certification of insurance coverage at contract closing if required.


Q. What format do you shoot?


A.  Video is shot in AVCHD 1080i - 30fps, 1080p - 60fps, or 720p - 30/60 fps.


Q.  What production services will I receive?


A.  Most weddings and events include a feature production.  Wedding features average between 45 and 120 minutes in length (sometimes more depending on the day's events). We provide all productions on client provided USB 16 - 128 GB flash drive, depending on file size or Junctions' private download link.  Chaptered and edited Blu-ray discs with standard or upgraded vinyl cases are also available at select pricing.


Q.  What is included in the scheduled service (day of shoot)?


A.  We follow the scope of work outlined in your contract based on day of occurances. For weddings, we can provide a recommended shoot list of sequences for your consideration.  Other productions may require storyboarding or additionl detailing.


Q.  When will my project be ready?

A.  Event types vary and editing requirements influence delivery time.  We strive to have projects completed for your initial review within 2-16 weeks after your event, sometimes sooner.


Q.  Do you travel outside of Central Florida?

A.  Yes. Clients are responsible for lodging and travel expenses.


Q.  What other sorts of events or productions do you cover?

A.  We produce instructional material and enterprise videography, and all sort of other themed events and celebrations.


Q.  Do you provide photography?

A.  We offer photography to compliment your videography production, but not stand alone coverage.


Q.  Who will shoot our event?

A.  Selvin Walker is the primary videographer.  Occassionally he will bring an assistant with him. Contracts will denote when an additional videographer/event assistant is required and billed accordingly based on pre-production consultation.


Q.  What if our event runs later than expected?

A.  You will need to approve our extended stay.  Extended stay rates start at $150 per hour.


Q.  What’s involved in the video edit process?  How long does video editing take?


A.  Every editor has their own workflow, none being right or wrong, but what works for them.  The more complex the shoot, the more challenging the edit; and too the more equipment used during the shoot, the longer the production period.  We can spend between 40 to 120 hours or more producing full wedding day and themed event videos with run times of roughly 45-120 minutes in length.  Again, shorter or longer project sequences influence the edit process and final product delivery date. The scope of work defined in your contract will include the full production price for the initial edit and one review edit.  Subsequent edits are billed at the $150. per edit session (reopening project, peforming edit(s), and posting for review).


Q.  How are payments handled?

A.   To reserve our services, you'll need to complete a signed contract and pay the first half of the contracted amount at signing.  The balance is due upon notification of completion of video.  Final productions and services are not released/rendered until balance is cleared.  We accept Cash, Money Orders, PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal, and check.


*Contract terms apply in all instances. Sales Tax may apply in certain instances.

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