Selvin can help you get your point(s) across.  Instructional Design starts at $30 per hour (minimum 40 hrs.). PowerPoint slide development starts at $5 per slide.  Imagery and audio release costs (when requested) vary based on selections.  Presentation equipment support services start at $50 per hour - per item; requires separate $100 nonrefundable date hold.  Contract terms apply.

Instructional Design

Junctions provides dedicated instructional design services for various enterprise requirements and modalities.


Junctions' public address system supports up to  200 attendees.  Includes two wireless and two wired microphones.




Junctions can help you customize PowerPoint presentations using your media.  We can even assist with pre- and post production slide set-up.

Room Support

Junctions offers  small room audio and video configurations for meetings and other gatherings.  We set-up and monitor equipment functionality for the duration of your event.