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Selvin Walker

Originally from Miami, Florida, Selvin has over 25 years of demonstrated success in managing human resources and multimedia platforms.  He holds both a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management from Saint Leo University.


From New Jersey to Florida; Germany and South Korea, he has helped dozens of clients achieve their goals either through multimedia resources implimentation and/or pedagogical involvement.

Why Choose Junctions

Beyond Horizons

Junctions helps clients achieve value from their performance processes through specific program design and artistic creativity.


Junctions links the client's vision with strategic objectives to maximize benchmarks and critical goal achievement.

Insist & Assist

Junctions strives for the refinement of current skills and concepts, and the development of new ones through experiential education.


Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Florida

What, How, and Why.  Both video and photography production require a three-step process: (1) Pre-Production – involves designing, scripting and planning the shoot; (2) Production – conducting the shoot (may include directing the talent and script revisions); and (3) Post-Production –  editing the footage and images to pre-production specifications. 


Delivery.  As a frame of reference, a first good draft (for client review) of the production is one second of finished video requires about three minutes of editing, and one photo about five minutes of retouch.  However, production complexity and post-production changes can skew the rule tremendously.


Long Format Video. One of the most popular formats for documentaries, scripted ceremonies, and banquet styled events.  Usually requires a site visit to assess camera(s) placement and audio requirements.  The more camera’s used, the more latitude provided for editing, but process time is also impacted.


Short and Micro Format Video.  Mostly used for video highlights, instructional content, and marketing structures; time constraint driven.  Attention to detail is essential to making very short scenes as powerful as possible, thus public service announcements, event highlights and similar productions take time and creativity to deliver.  Remember, audience attention ranges from .30 seconds to 3 min. max.  Clients might also consider Micro format, which is even shorter (up to 15 seconds).  In either case, brevity is key.


Combination Format Video.  Popular for instructional content, weddings, homegoings, and other intimate celebrations.


Equipment and Software.  Panasonic and Canon AVCHD cameras are Junctions’ choice for videography; Nikon DSLRs for photography; and Sony microphones for audio.  Selvin uses a PC Windows platform with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Adobe Captivate, and Pinnacle Studio software.